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The Regulation 14 Consultation Period closed on 2nd April 2023 and the Steering Group would like to thank all

those who responded.

The responses are now being collated and the Steering Group will review all comments received before the

plan is presented to East Herts District Council (EHDC) whose responsibility it is for then taking the process


EHDC will publicise the plan (Regulation 16) and arrange for an independent examination. This will consider

whether the Neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.

If successful at the examination stage, with modifications if necessary, then the local authority will arrange for a Neighbourhood plan referendum. If there is a majority 'yes' vote, then the Neighbourhood plan is made and

becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area.

Missed the Webinar? Listen & watch it here.


Webinar Q&A's

Questions raised at the time of the webinar have been collated and you can view these here.

Netherfield Lane Resident's 'Alternate Plan' and reponse. April 2019. Click here.

Stanstead Abbotts & St. Margaret's

Neighbourhood Planning

(Incl. The Folly)

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