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Current Status as at May 2024

What's the next step?

The Steering Group will shortly take the Neighbourhood Plan (NP)  to each of the three Parish Councils with the request that they approve the updated plan and agree that it should be sent to East Herts Council.  In the past there have been many questions raised by Parish Councillors and voting to approve the NP has been worryingly close.


We believe the NP should be forwarded to East Herts Council whose next steps will be to hold a further Consultation (Regulation 16) and then to forward it on to an Inspector to approve it. Once approved, every household gets to to vote yes or no to wanting it or not.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is for Stanstead Abbotts, St Margarets and The Folly to thrive as a diverse and inclusive rural village that supports varied livelihoods and promotes community cohesion and well-being. We will promote sustainable development that provides locally affordable housing whilst protecting the vibrant historic character of our area, enhancing our riverside and green spaces for wildlife, recreation and natural flood defences, and recognising our place in the wider Lee Valley corridor.

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