Draft Timeline Plan

















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   List of Events to date:

  • Nov 2016  The First Meeting - view pdf

  • Jan 2017   The Village Plan Survey was distributed (in paper format)

  • Aug 2018  The first online & paper survey was launched throughout the Neighbourhood Plan Boundary. view pdf

  • Nov 2018  Open Day at The Folly (12 attendees)

  • Nov 2018  Open Day at St Andrew's Parish Hall (42 attendees)

  • Nov 2018  Open Day at The Nigel Copping Community Hall (24 attendees)

  • Jun 2018   Business Survey distributed. view pdf

  • May 2019  Business Open Day at The Maltings

  • Jun 2019   St Andrew's C of E VC Primary School workshop with Years 5 & 6

  • Jun 2019   Design workshop at the Nigel Copping Hall

  • Jun 2019   Amwell Society Presentation at the Great Amwell Parish Hall. view pdf

  • Jul 2019    Drop in Weekend for upate on the Plan at the Nigel Copping Community Hall

Calendar Dates:

All Steering Committee Meeting dates from 21/6/2017 can be found in the 'documents' tab above where all meeting notes are published 

Forthcoming Dates:

  • Neighbourhood Plan Webinar 1st March 2021 - 8pm