About us

We are a group of local residents, which includes Parish Councillor representation from Stanstead Abbotts, St Margarets and Great Amwell. We have formed a Steering Group who meet monthly and are committed to producing a Neighbourhood Plan for our village's future.

The main purpose of the Steering Group is to oversee the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan for our designated area in order that these will then progress to Independent Examination and a successful community referendum then ultimately being adopted by East Herts District Council to become planning policy.

The Steering Group will engage the local community to ensure that the Plan is truly representative of the ambitions of St Margarets, Stanstead Abbotts & Great Amwell parishes.

The Group will maximise support for the approach taken in the Neighbourhood Plan by ensuring high levels of community engagement throughout the plan-making process.

Neighbourhood Plan Vision Statement

Our vision is for Stanstead Abbotts, St Margarets and The Folly to thrive as a diverse and inclusive rural village that supports varied livelihoods and promotes community cohesion and well-being. We will promote sustainable development that provides locally affordable housing whilst protecting the vibrant historic character of our area, enhancing our riverside and green spaces for wildlife, recreation and natural flood defences, and recognising our place in the wider Lee Valley corridor.

Our Terms of Reference

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