Committee Members

Julia Davies - Chair (Stanstead Abbotts Parish Councillor)

Christina Whellams - Secretary

Mike Dorman - Treasurer, Business (Stanstead Abbotts Parish Councillor)

Robert Bennett - Heritage

Sarah Chapman - Housing (Stanstead Abbotts Parish Councillor)

Beth Knight - Ecology, Green Spaces

Andrew Clayden - Business

Anne Washbourn - Community, Housing, Comms

Sharon Strutt - Housing, Business

Clare Maynard - Transport, Business, Comms (St Margarets Parish Councillor)

Robyn Jewett - Transport

Gini Trower - Green Spaces

Maria Tasker - Green Spaces, Ecology

Rowan Lloyd - 

Janet Reynolds - Community

Katherine Rutherford - Communication

Tom Foy - Housing (Great Amwell Parish Councillor)

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